Samsung Criticizes S6 Edge Bend-and-Break Experiments

Samsung have attacked claims that their new flagship phone, the Galaxy S6 Edge breaks completely at a lower pressure point. A company selling smartphone protection plans is behind the claims, which Samsung argues “may mislead customers”. It has asked the company to carry out new tests. Samsung have in the past said that their Edge phablet, was “curved, not bent”, but the protection plan company says the new S6 Edge is “just as bendable” as the iPhone 6 Plus.

Younghee Lee, Samsung’s mobile division marketing chief, boasted about the design of the new handset in February, calling the phone “the toughest on the market”. Lee claimed that the metal was 50% stronger than that of other leading smartphones.

The company making the claims, Squaretrade, says that the S6 Edge and iPhone 6 Plus are both likely to deform when a force of 110lb is applied. When they tried this with Samsung’s phone, its screen cracked. Some say that S6 owners could be faced with a “pocket full of glass” should their devices come under too much pressure. The test found that the S6 Edge screen cracked at the same point as bending occurred. Experts have warned companies not to mock their rivals about a problem if there is a chance they could be criticized for something similar.