Samsung Document Sings Like a Canary

It’s pretty bad when your own documents are the ones that bring you down. Apple and Samsung have been embroiled in a fight over their phones. Apple is claiming that Samsung copied the iPhone to conceive their Galaxy S Phone. There hasn’t been much to come out of the court case to support that Samsung did this all on their own, and now the biggest evidence of all is coming from them.

Apple somehow got their hands on a 132-page internal document of Samsung’s that directly compares the Galaxy S and the iPhone. It shows the differences between the phones, but instead of heralding the difference, it just asks for the Galaxy to make changes to be more like the iPhone. Yeah, that’s damaging. It’s like catching your kids with frosting all over their mouths while they’re telling you they weren’t the ones to eat the cake.

Here’s just a sample of what’s included. For more, see All Things D.

Photo Credit: All Things D.



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