Samsung Even Stole the iPhone Icons

Just in case you were unsure whether Apple deserved the $1 billion plus decision in its patent court case with Samsung, take a look at some of these images. I've only included a few of them here, but there are more over at CNET. It really makes you scratch your head and wonder how Samsung actually thought it was going to get away with this.

Look at the Phone icons. At the risk of sounding like Chandler Bing, could they BE any more similar? All they did was take out the diagonal lines, make the phone slightly slimmer, and change the rotation a few degrees. It's shockingly similar.

Now look at the Contacts icons. Both head and shoulders of the shadowed person is used in the Apple and Samsung images. And not only that, they use rings from a binder in all versions as well. Like making it an orange/yellow gradient screen instead of solid tan was going to prove they were your original images? Again, they're shockingly similar.

Looking at just these icons, it's obvious that Samsung completely ripped off the iPhone. I'm surprised they didn't call the phones the “S-Phone.”


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