Samsung readying the release of Tile and AirTags-style tracker Apple has another competitor on the horizon.

Samsung is reportedly planning to release its own Tile-like tracking device in the near future.

The company has been working on a product codenamed the Galaxy SmartTag, and though we have seen leaks of such a product in the past, 91mobiles now has a clear image of the device ahead of its launch, which could come alongside the Galaxy S21 on January 14.

Like Tile and Apple’s long-rumoured AirTags devices, which are set to launch in the coming months, Samsung’s new SmartTag uses Bluetooth to connect to devices and broadcast the location of items such as keys, teddy bears, cars, and backpacks. The tag will be powered by a replaceable battery, meaning that it can be used for months and years rather than be a single throwaway device.

According to the leaked images, the new SmartTag is a small square featuring rounded edges a hole which can be used to add a keychain. We don’t know whether the company is planning to introduce any proprietary or cutting-edge features as part of the SmartTags product, but even if it does not, the device will no doubt prove to be successful.

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