Samsung releases ads designed to mock the latest iPhone X features

Notch design

Samsung has just added a trio of videos to its “ingenius” ad series, designed to mock new iPhone X features and encourage buyers to choose the Galaxy S9 instead.

1. Notch

The new notch is an interesting design choice that has already sparked a big debate. The video clearly demonstrates how the notch cuts off some of the screen when watching a video in full-screen mode. The video ends with a shot of a family all sporting notch haircuts.

2. Storage

The second video again focuses on a sensitive issue for Apple, the lack of microSD slow for expandable storage. The Apple employee suggests using The Cloud, but the customer, voicing a concern of many real life customers, scoffs at the idea, saying they don’t want their stuff “up there”, but wants it on the phone.

3. Multitasking

Finally, the third video highlights multitasking on the Galaxy S9, in comparison with Apple’s solution of downloading another app. The customer points out even her nails can multitask by changing colour and the video ends by stating that the iPhone cannot yet run apps side by side like the iPad or Galaxy S9.

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