Samsung S6 Edge Launched at MWC

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung has unveiled its long-awaited S6 Edge in the run-up to the Mobile World Congress. As rumored, the company is to sell a version of its next flagship phone featured a curved screen. The curved screen will allow users to stay in touch with select contacts easily, whilst notifying users of important information quickly. A non-curved version of the phone will also hit the shelves at a lower price tag.

Aside from the screen, the cheaper phone will feature the same specifications. Samsung has faced a troubled time recently, with its S5 failing to meet targets. The new phones will go on sale on the 10th April in 20 different countries.

Both phones will feature a 64-bit chip. The phones mark a rethink for the company, who said it had decided to address past “missteps”, codenaming the new handsets “project zero”. The phones will also feature a metal frame and a glass back rather than the plastic that featured on previous models. The new phones will lack some features that did come as part of previous models. They won’t be water-resistant or feature a microSD slot or removable backs. It’s been reported that they will cost significantly more than their predecessors.

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