Samsung S6 Edge Shortages Reported

Reports are claiming that Samsung may be unable to meet demand for its new S6 Edge phones, with their curved screens being more difficult to mass-produce than flat-screened smartphones. The handsets have just gone on sale, but the company is apparently concerned about the time it takes to produce components for the S6 Edge’s wrap-around touch-screen.

Some experts predict that consumers ordering the phone may have to wait a significant amount of time to receive it. The company is facing stiff competition not only from leading names like Apple but companies at the lower end of the market offering cheaper smartphones.

Analysts say that, if the demand cannot be met, Samsung may struggle to maintain its image as leading manufacturer of premium phones. They say its window of opportunity is closing as the world moves closer to the launch of the next iPhone.

Samsung say that they are “working hard” to ensure that pre-orders can be fulfilled.

The S6 and S6 Edge are being marketed as the “thinnest smartphones” the company has ever released. They are apparently crafted from “the finest materials” and constructed from metal and glass. The company recently denied that their new phones were more fragile than advertised.

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