Samsung to Buy BlackBerry?

Rumors that Samsung are about to purchase struggling rival BlackBerry are circulating wildly, with the value of shares in the latter soared by 30%. Shares rose after a report from Reuters said that bosses from both companies had met last week. The rise in share prices was the biggest BlackBerry had experienced for around ten years.

Though Samsung have said it could “confirm media reports of the acquisition are groundless”, many experts predict that it’s only a matter of time the deal is announced. BlackBerry reported a bigger drop in revenue than they had expected during the third quarter of 2014. Its chief executive described the figures as “not satisfying”. He did say that he thought the company would be able to reverse its fortunes by 2016, though he also conceded that he couldn’t promise it would be profitable.

BlackBerry were once able to claim around half of the US smartphone market, yet the company has struggled to compete not only with Apple and Samsung but the vast array of phone and tablet manufacturers offering low-cost, high-performance devices running on the Android operating system.

Do you think BlackBerry has had its day? Do you expect the acquisition to be announced any day now? Give us your comments below.

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