Schools Looking for iPad Project Refunds

Schools in Los Angeles are seeking compensation regarding an iPad project that went wrong. The government has been running an initiative to boost IT and communications in schools. However, a number of schools have come together to seek $1.3 billion from Apple and its project partners. The project started in 2013 and aimed to provide around 650,000 students with access to iPads and other computers.

However, things went awry when students found ways to bypass security systems, with the computer-based curriculum also being incomplete. The LA Unified School District has expressed extreme dissatisfaction over the handling of the project. The project was designed to stop pupils from poorer backgrounds falling behind wealthier peers who had access to the latest technologies. The gadgets were supposed to enhance lessons and the ways that schools were run.

The schools have severed ties with the companies in question and have ruled out working with them again. The school district had contacted the companies on a number of occasions to express their concerns about the way the project was being run. Apple has not publically responded as yet. Pearson, which designed the curriculum, admitted that there had been “challenges”, but said that it was “proud” of its “long history of working with LAUSD”.