Seahawks Fantasy Football 2023: 46 Players Lined Up Kenneth Walker, Geno Smith, Colby Parkinson - Seahawks Fantasy Football Scout 2023 with 46 players lined up and $13.39 million of cap space needed.

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For fantasy football players globally, the game is a year-round event. Post the 2022 campaign, the players looked forward to the next season with high hopes. Participants in dynasty and keeper leagues are actively planning on shaping their rosters for the upcoming 2023 season. As per dynasty formats, footballers are considering their positions and making trade offers for the 2023 drafts. If a team won a league or was one of the top teams in the 2022 season, they should be encouraged to donate a certain portion of their winnings to Player charities globally. The hype around the fantasy football genre has significantly impacted the traffic on popular sports betting and casino sites such as Though players are more inclined towards playing casino games rather than the advanced modes of the NFL.

Seahawks Fantasy Insider

In a recent interview, Noah Fant mentioned that he saw fantasy football as a way of connecting players and fans. Fant had caught three TD passes in 4 games between weeks 13 -16 in 2022. Fant has partnered with the Open Door Mission Charity based in Omaha, Nebraska. He also mentioned that multiple fantasy league players have made significant donations to charities which is a wonderful gesture. These players are usually endorsed by top companies such as Apple, Facebook, and Amazon which have been donating major money towards environmental betterment and human lift uplifting.

Seahawks Fantasy Football Scout 2023

Kenneth Walker’s Fantasy Stat Line 2022

Walker performed brilliantly at the top 10 RB level fantasy. His average fantasy points stood at 15.9 per game. In his 11 starts, he had 8 TDs. His performance had gotten better each week and was a treat to the eyes. Walker became an offensive force in the 2022 season. He averaged 100.3 rushing yards each game in the final 5 games. 

Geno Smith’s Fantasy Stat Line 2022

At QB 2022, he was one of the top fantasy football waiver wires who finished as a top 5 player. His average points per game were 18.5 and his 30 TB passes were 4th most among all NFL QBs. In 2023, he will be drafted among the top 10 -12 QBs. 

Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf 2022 Fantasy Stat Lines

Metcalf and Lockett were star players in the 2022 league. Locket was drafted as a WR4 but finished as a WR13 in the PPR leagues. Metcalf ended the season at WR16 with his achievement of 90 receptions. Lockett is an underrated player who caught 8+ TD passes in each of the 5 seasons. Metcalf finished with 141 targets and his 27 red zone targets were second-best in the 2022 league. We can expect to see him finish in the top 10 fantasy WR this upcoming season. 

Colby Parkinson and Noah Fant 2022 Fantasy Stat Lines

During the 2nd half of the season, Fant was a top-12 fantasy tight end. He scored 71 PPR from weeks 9-17. Parkinson had 5 catches on 7 targets and a TD as well during weeks 17-18. Both these players are expected to be stars of the 2023 season as well. 

Draft Picks 2023

As per the draft picks of 2023, we can expect Geno Smith to be back this season. Smith uses their 3rd receiver Marquise Goodwin frequently. Hooker is likely to be picked in the mid to late second round. On the defensive side of these leagues, players like To’oTo’o and Branch would be impactful. Carter would be a solid bench player for 2023, however, his impact would not be relatable to the dominating IDP work. 

Seahawks Fantasy Football | Geno Smith

The Seahawks have 46 players under contract for the upcoming 2023 season. The first 5 picks would definitely see their cap hit count against the entire cap space for the team. The Hawks would need approximately $13.39 million of cap space to be able to sign the 2023 draft. These numbers would surely be changing and by late April; the number would be around $9-10 million approximately. 

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