Shazam Updates to Identify Songs in TikTok, Instagram, YouTube & More In a significant update, Apple has empowered its music recognition app, Shazam, to identify and recognize songs playing in third-party apps like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, making the process more convenient and user-friendly.

Apple's Shazam App

Apple’s users can now identify a song by simply opening Shazam, tapping the blue button, and then switching back to the third-party app they were using. Shazam leverages the iPhone’s microphone to listen to the song even when another app is in use. After a brief listening period, the app identifies the song, and switching back to Shazam reveals the song’s name and additional details.

However, using the built-in Song Recognition feature in the iPhone’s Control Center is even more straightforward. Users can play a song in an app like YouTube, swipe into Control Center, and tap the Song Recognition icon, and the song playing will be identified. This method does not require exiting the YouTube app. Once the song is identified, it appears as a notification or in the Dynamic Island, from where users can tap into the Shazam app for further information.

An additional benefit of identifying a song with Shazam is that it gets added to a Shazam playlist in Apple Music, where users can listen to the full track at a later time. For those who don’t subscribe to Apple Music, the Shazam app maintains a record of recent Shazams.

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