Side-By-Side Photos of 3 Generations of iPhone Surprising

Side-by-side, or in this case side-by-side-by-side, photos offer up great comparisons. It's an easier way of looking at items to distinguish the differences. The side-by-side photos of three generations of the iPhone are no different.

No Where Else includes some intriguing side-by-side pictures of the iPhone 3, iPhone 4, and upcoming iPhone 5. The size difference is so obvious, it's nearly jolting. From the iPhone 4 to iPhone 5, it just seems like a height difference, but compared back to the iPhone 3 (it's not confirmed whether it's the 3G or 3GS) just makes a stunning difference.

I'm still on an iPhone 3GS, due to waiting out my two-year contract that was started in August two years ago after an ill-fated meeting between my previous 3GS and a toilet. I could have updated last spring, but it didn't seem worth it with the iPhone 5 coming early this fall. This means I've missed out on both versions of the iPhone 4.

So looking at a picture that shows the phone I'm using and comparing it to the phone I will be buying as soon as it's made available is just jarring. It makes the 3GS look like a clunky old thing. It's so thick it's hard to fit in my front jeans pocket, so this is giving me hope of an easier fit, although the height will have it sticking out more. It's also making me wonder if they will have third party covers available at launch for the newly sized iPhone 5.


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