Siri drops some juicy hints about WWDC 2018

Siri is feeling chatty, and was more than happy to spill some information about Apple’s upcoming WWDC including rumors about a new HomePod and a Siri voice change. Asking Siri “tell me about WWDC” will bring up some juicy hints:

Siri has said that it’s getting a “new home” that will be “meshy and matte”. Feel free to disagree, but we think this sounds a lot like Apple’s HomePod smart speaker. There have been rumors circulating about Apple releasing a cheaper version of the HomePod which is perhaps what Siri is hinting at.

There’s also been a report, albeit a sketchy one, that suggests that the $199 HomePod will be created under the Beats brand.

The smart assistant also mentions getting a new voice, and other improvements that may mean that Siri gets the spotlight in 2018. Apple knows that it definitely has some catching up to do in this area, now that Amazon’s Alexa is popping up in more and more devices, and Google Assistant is making waves with Google Duplex.

WWDC 2018 takes place from June 4 to June 8 so you can see if the rumors are true then.

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