Siri Gets More Social with iOS6

When iOS6 is released, expectedly next month, it will include a big update to the native app Siri. In some ways it’ll put it back to the way it was in the beginning, and in other ways it will make it even better.

Siri wasn’t always a native app. At one point it was a third-party app, and actually one of my favorites. It didn’t have the capabilities to operate as a search engine at that point, but worked great for setting reminders, locating the nearest gas station, buying movie tickets, and hailing a cab. It was available on all iOS devices.

Apple then acquired the app and implemented it in the iPhone 4S. Other iOS device users were out of luck. That actually made some, like myself, very upset. I have an iPhone 3GS still, and could no longer use Siri on that or my iPad. Additionally, they changed the functionality of it. It became more just a dictation app, allowing you to set reminders, send messages, and initiate phone calls, all verbally, and it also still found gas stations and Chinese restaurants that were the closest to your location.

iOS 6 is going to bring more function to make it even better than it was when it was a just a really good third-party app. iMore explains what we know from both the WWDC and beta testers. Siri will now be able to launch apps on your device, such as “Open Flipbook” or “Open Soundhound.” It will also find movies for you, as well as tell you anything you want about a movie, and play a trailer. It will keep you updated with sports scores and stats and tell you when the next time your favorite team plays

Most importantly, along with launching apps, it will be able to send social networking statuses and tweets for you to Facebook and Twitter. You’ll be able to tell all your Facebook friends and Twitter followers how the person driving in front of you is really irritating you without taking your eyes off the road. And now, you will be able to do it from your iPad 3, as well as earlier generations of the iPhone

Just think of how this will extend user experience! Now you will be to find a movie, go see the movie, and tweet about it when leaving the theater, giving a quick review. Then you can check and see what other movies star that actor that looked so familiar to you and see what the score of the big game was that you missed while in the theater. It will help extend the functionality and make your life just a little easier, like a true personal assistant should.

Photo Credit: Apple


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