Siri Response Suggests “Dark Mode” to Feature in iOS 10

An increasing number of people have noticed that asking Siri to switch on “dark mode” on an iOS device prompts an unexpected response suggesting that Apple could have this mode in the works for iOS 10.

The response, as already noted by MacRumors and AppleInsider, is: “Sorry, but I’m not able to change that setting.” This is peculiar because, usually, Siri will instead respond with a generic “I don’t understand” when commanded to change a function not mentioned or supported in iOS.

While a black menu bar and application dock can be chosen on the Mac platform, Apple has not yet brought a similarly dark, system-wide interface to iOS. Doing so would, however, provide a welcome broadening of choice. It is likely to be particularly appreciated by owners of black or space gray devices, who currently have to stick to a uniformly white layout which visually clashes with the surrounding black bezels.

If Apple is indeed working on this “dark mode”, we could see it officially unveiled as soon as today; iOS 10 is expected to be announced at a keynote starting at 10am Pacific Time.

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