Siri Shortcuts now live on iOS 12

iOS 12 has now been released and as we previewed, this includes Siri Shortcuts.

Siri Shortcuts allows the user to create multi-step automations similar to IFTTT using first or third party apps that are activated through the Siri voice command.

Here are some of the most popular apps using the new functionality. To activate Siri Shortcuts open the Shortcuts app in iOS12. They will work not only with the latest update to the operating system but also with Apple Watch OS 5, the Siri watch face, with CarPlay and the HomePod.

Top apps

TripIt – The popular travel management app TripIt, lets users access their flight information and upcoming travel plans stored within the app.

ETA – Navigation app ETA lets users use shortcuts to add a location, calculate and display travel time and get up to date turn by turn directions.

Sky Guide – Galactic atlas app Sky Guide lets users use Siri Shortcuts to help identify celestial objects. They can ask “Hey Siri, what star or planet is that?” with the iPhone pointed at a specific target. Siri will access Sky Guide’s database without needing to open the app.

Pandora – The streaming music app lets users ask Siri to play their favorite station. Siri can log users previously and most frequently listened to stations and display them on the Lock screen as reminders.

WaterMinder – The water intake logging app uses Siri Shortcuts to create shortcuts to log each drink, show the last drink, show how long is left on the hydration goal for the day or shows the current daily hydration level.

Day One – The popular mindfulness journaling app uses Siri Shortcuts to let users create a new journal entry, use the camera or audio recording specific to an individual journal, create new content for each journal via voice command, organize checklist entries via a new filter and also has support for typing Markdown links.

Monster Job Search – The market leading job search app lets users search favorite queries with Siri Shortcuts so they don’t have to continually type in the same search terms.

User Guide

Apple has also issued a detailed Shortcuts User Guide, which sets out everything the new feature can do and give you ideas about the many apps that can access it and how you can get the most out of it everyday.

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