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Faster app and search engine access with Siri Shortcute

Ever thought about accessing Google Assistant directly through Siri? Us neither. However, right now, you can actually access any application by hollering at Apple’s very own, loyal voice command system.

“Hey Siri, OK Google,” could be the phrase that pays, taking you directly from your home screen to Google Assistant. This process is actually made possible by Siri Shortcuts – and you can create a variety of similar processes by applying this same method of voice command.

Firstly, you will need to update to the latest version of Google Assistant, via the App Store, ensuring in settings that it can be accessed via voice command. This is where it gets slightly complicated, so we’ve broken down the short steps you need to take, if you want to use this unusual way of bypassing Siri:

In your updated Google Assistant, make sure voice commands are activated. You will find that Google recommends the phrase: “OK Google,” as the simplest voice query available to access the app.

However, within Siri Shortcuts, you will find that you can create as many voice commands as you like, linking specific, recorded phrases, to specific apps.

So, here you can link Siri to Google via any command you wish. The most memorable phrase would probably be to combine the standard voice commands for both apps, creating the unexpected: “Hey Siri, OK Google” – which would open Google Assistant.

It’s doubtful that Apple intended this to be a possibility, and you may not even wish to use it – but it’s there, and it is a little funny too.

Save time with endless shortcuts

If you haven’t taken advantage of the Siri Shortcuts feature yet, this would be a good way to familiarize yourself with this potentially time-saving aspect of the app.

You don’t necessarily need to link directly from one assistant to the other, but your most often used processes could be made quicker by using the feature. Apple also have a useful Shortcuts app, if you prefer to set up similar shortcuts using the more common touch-screen method.

Which shortcuts do you use most frequently? Do you save a lot of time by taking the time to design them? Let us know!

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