Skype on iPhone, iPad Now Natively Supports Microsoft Office

It’s now easier to collaborate at long distance on Microsoft Office documents, as the Skype app on iPhone and iPad has been updated with deeper integration between Skype and Office.

Imagine the scene: you’re out of the office, but, looking on your iPhone or iPad, you’ve just noticed that a work colleague has sent you a Skype message asking if you can make some quick edits to a text document, spreadsheet or slide presentation. They can then, within the iOS app, send you a Word, Excel or PowerPoint document, which will show up as a logo and filename.

You can then simply tap the file to open it in free Word, Excel or PowerPoint. However, it’s all still happening in Skype, so you could also easily send a reply – by IM or voice or video call – for further details about what your colleague wants you to do.

This kind of integration could prove invaluable for workers who want to more easily work collaboratively or react to urgent work requests when they are away from their usual work premises. The iPhone and iPad versions of Skype 6.10 are freely available in the iOS App Store.

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