Smirnoff Introduces Collaborative Video Storytelling App

The Smirnoff Co. announced the global launch of the Mixhibit app, a new tool that blends users’ best moments captured on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter into a video.

According to a release, available now at the iTunes Store and Google Play and rolling out to more than 25 markets this fall, the Mixhibit app is the first app to enable collaborative storytelling by pulling content from both users and their friends’ social networks, creating an easy way for people to relive shared experiences.

“We understand the importance of connecting physical experiences to the digital realm,” said Michelle Klein, Vice President of Smirnoff global marketing. “Mixhibit is a tool enabling people to relive their experiences on social media, in a real time, unique and simple way.”

Mixhibit was created in partnership with digital agency Profero. The development team turned to Smirnoff’s community, including 10 million Facebook fans, to beta test Mixhibit starting in March 2013. Over the past several months, the company brought the app to various events and elicited feedback online and through partnering music artists to gain insight into what people wanted from the Mixhibit experience.

“Mixhibit is a fantastic way to connect with my fans,” said Paul van Dyk, DJ and Mixhibit App beta tester. “It’s no longer just a picture or a post I’m telling a story through these videos in a cool, easy way; one that my friends and fans are interested in watching.”