Is Snapchat launching its own gaming platform?

Snapchat is reportedly exploring new ground as it tries to outrun Instagram’s efforts to copy its features. According to a report by The Information, this new ground involves the building of a gaming hub inside the social media app. The platform is expected to launch later this year, and Snap is already signing on game publishers to participate in its efforts.

Snapchat has been pouring a lot of effort into its Lens Studio software, software for developers to create its specialized AR filters. The company also bought a web-based 3D game engine last year called PlayCanvas, which would serve as the backbone for more robust development tools.

The report doesn’t make it clear whether these gaming titles would be focused on AR gaming, though that’s what’s expected considering how much attention Snap has paid to the emerging mobile platform. In April, the company launched ‘Snappables’, short selfie AR games that easily integrate into Snapchat’s Lens selection.

It’s not as if Snapchat will be blazing the trail when it comes to messaging-based gaming experiences. Facebook Messenger has already experimented with short, shareable mini-games. However, if Snapchat’s gaming platform involved augmented reality it would certainly be unique.


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