Snapchat is rethinking their controversial redesign


Much to the dismay of many, Snapchat recently introduced a radical redesign which separated user content from public celebrity and news content. A new report from Recode suggests Snapchat is rethinking its redesign and will put user-generated stories back next to public celebrity and news content on the Discover page.

This current structure is being tested by a “small group of users”, according to the report, and it essentially reverts the stories back to their previous location in the Discover page. However, there is still some separation between the different types of content, with stories from friends at the top of the page, subscriptions in the middle and a ‘For You’ section at the bottom.

This rethink of the redesign could be a welcome change as the initial changes caused so much outrage from users and celebrities. petition against the redesign gained 1.2 million signatures! Since the redesign, it has been rumored that Snapchat has seen a decline in the use of stories.

It seems this change isn’t the only one taking place as some users reported earlier this month that their Snapchat feed had reverted back to chronological order.

Snapchat reassured users they always listen to feedback:

“We are always listening to our community and will continue to test updates that we hope will give Snapchatters the best possible experience on our platform.”

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