Snapchat trying to secure an exciting new partnership with Amazon


A new report from TechCrunch reveals that Snapchat is in the process of working on a new visual feature codenamed ‘Eagle’. The feature will be able to identify objects, music and more, and if they secure this new partnership with Amazon the possibilities will be even more exciting.

This camera feature has been the talk of discussion for a while. It was discovered in the code of the Android version of the app and now new details about the project have surfaced.

The new feature will reportedly let you “Press and hold to identify an object, song, barcode, and more! This works by sending data to Amazon,  Shazam, and other partners.” You can then select “see all results at Amazon” once the scanning is complete.

This new feature could give Snapchat the edge over Instagram, their biggest rival since Instagram introduced Stories. Instagram has more than double the amount of users Snapchat does. The feature could open up a new income stream for Snapchat, and make them more than just a social media platform.

At the moment, more details about the feature are unknown and neither Snapchat or Amazon have commented. Make sure to check this page regularly for more details.

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