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Snapchat update brings Bitmoji to life

Snapchat’s latest update brings your Bitmoji characters to life with the use of World Lenses – live filters that add augmented reality to any scene that you capture with your camera.

The app first integrated with Bitmoji last summer after a $100 million acquisition from Bitstrips. It’s a feature that involves personalized characters that you can send in a chat and this summer Snapchat leveraged it once again to allow avatars to travel and show your location using the Snap Map.

You can now apply different activity effects to your Bitmoji such as yoga poses and skateboarding and can record them just like regular snaps.


AR capabilities have certainly enhanced on our smartphones and we should expect to see a lot more features like this in the coming months.

When the iPhone X launches in November it will bring with it the new Animoji feature in iMessage that lets you record expressions and voices to a dozen emoji characters. At Apple’s keynote they also demonstrated some advanced mask filters that are coming to Snapchat on the new iPhone this year.

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