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Snapchat’s popular AR World lenses now open to advertisers

Over the past few months, Snapchat has introduced a World Lenses feature that uses AR (augmented reality) to allow users to place their Bitmoji and other designs into real-world environments. Now, these 3D lenses have been opened up to advertisers.

In a blog post published yesterday, the company announced that their ‘Dancing Hot Dog’ lense has been viewed over 2 million times, making the market for 3D lenses a huge one for companies and brands:

Perhaps you’ve seen our Dancing Hot Dog spinning across the world. He’s a new friend of ours, and one of our most popular Lenses to date. The Dancing Hot Dog was viewed more than 2 billion times on Snapchat — a testament to how much our community loves amazing augmented reality experiences inside the camera.

According to Snapchat, 1 in 3 users check the Lenses feature every day and campaigns with their own lenses “drive a 19.7 point lift in ad awareness, a 6.4 point life in brand awareness, and a 3.4 point lift in action intent.”

Companies such as Bud Light have already created 3D World Lenses ads, as well as a lense that markets the new Blade Runner 2049 movie. It allows advertisers to bring their products, and the characters that represent their products, to life by purchasing a “National Lens” from the video sharing network.


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