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Soldier uses FaceTime to witness daughter’s birth after his flight was delayed

We’ve all heard of the stories of Apple technology saving multiple lives and allowing people to be connected in the most crucial moments. The latest comes from Army solider Brooks Lindsey who was able to witness the birth of his daughter via FaceTime despite a delayed flight.

According to the local news outlet KTVU, Lindsey was in the process of flying from Fort Bliss in El Paso to Dallas and then to Jackson, Mississippi. When he arrived in Dallas, however, he discovered that his flight was delayed.

Brooks’ wife, Haley, outlined the details of the story on Love What Matters, explaining that her delivery date wasn’t supposed to be for another week but she was advised to be induced by her doctor as the baby was under stress.

As Brooks was still in El Paso, she then called the Red Cross to ask per military protocol to send her husband home for the birth. “I called Brooks frantic and he was so excited!” she said. It was only three hours before Lindsey arrived at the airport that his wife’s water broke. However, his delayed flight may have come as a blessing in disguise as without the delay he would have been unable to FaceTime at all.

Brooks finally arrived in Mississippi at 7pm and immediately headed to meet his newborn daughter, Millie Fritz Anne Lindsey.

The video below of Brooks watching the delivery on FaceTime was taken by another traveler who explained that she wanted to make sure people don’t “forget about our soldiers who serve us every day and the sacrifices they make.”

Haley also shared a video of her husband watching the birth which has since been viewed more than 158,000 times.

Here’s the video of Brooks Lindsey watching Millie come into the world 💞

Posted by Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey on Saturday, May 5, 2018

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