Some Independent UK Businesses Already Accepting Apple Pay

Apple Pay Reportedly to Arrive in Switzerland on June 13

Apple Pay has only been available for use in making contactless payments in the UK since Tuesday; however, some independent businesses in that country have reportedly already started supporting it.

The Wall Street Journal has reported Alex Ghalleb, the manager of the coffee shop Shoreditch Grind in the fashionable Shoreditch area of London, claiming that his business is among the UK’s first independent stores to take up Apple Pay. “You have to move with the times,” he is quoted as saying, adding that he expects the move to give Shoreditch Grind an edge over competitors as mobile payments become more common.

Meanwhile, according to AppleInsider, flower delivery company Bloom & Wild now allows in-app payment through Apple Pay. In-app use of the payment service is currently the only use that is possible through an iPad, in particular the iPad Mini 3, as no currently available iPads have the needed NFC, or near field communication, technology for in-store payments.

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