Some users encountering problems with game controllers after macOS Monterey 12.3 update

Xbox One controller

In the time since the release of the macOS 12.3 update on March 14, it seems that some users have been having problems with their game controllers on their Macs – at least if certain comments online are anything to go by.

As noted by several outlets, there have been complaints on the likes of Reddit and the Apple Developer Forums about some Xbox, PlayStation, and other third-party controllers apparently failing to work over Bluetooth.

It doesn’t look like everyone is affected, though – some users having said that their controllers are functioning just fine – so it’s unclear what exactly has caused some people’s controllers to stop working after the update.

A lot of the people who have been struggling seem to have found that their devices can detect and even connect to their controllers, but that their controllers then don’t work once paired.

With it having been reported shortly after macOS 12.3’s release that the update was bricking the Macs of users who had previously had their logic boards replaced by Apple, the issue with game controllers is another ‘quirk’ of macOS Monterey that has been causing headaches among many.

At the time of writing, it seemed that Apple was yet to release a statement on the controller problems, and there isn’t yet an obvious solution to them. If a fix doesn’t otherwise emerge in the meantime, one can only hope that Apple tackles it in a future software update.

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