Some users experiencing issues with PCI-E GPU cards after updating to macOS 12.3

macOS Monterey

A handful of Mac users are reportedly experiencing problems after updating to macOS Monterey 12.3. Some PCI-E GPU cards are apparently not delivering the speed to which their users are accustomed in eGPU enclosures, as well as in the Mac Pro.

The issue seems to have existed for the entirety of macOS Monterey 12.3’s beta process; a thread was started on the forums on the MacRumors site as long ago as February 2, in which some users said they had encountered problems.

Although the slowdowns are evidently causing headaches for the users impacted, they don’t seem to be widespread. There is still only a relatively small number of forum posts or complaints about it, which suggests that for now at least, there aren’t very many users who are seriously affected.

If you’re concerned about the issue and you use a Mac with a graphics card in some form, and you expect to use that card in a mission-critical working capacity, it might therefore be a good idea to delay your macOS 12.3 update for now. It seems that it could take some time for data to be collected to shed greater light on what is impacted, as well as for Apple to address the issue.

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