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Sony Brings PlayStation Communities App to iPhone and iPad

Sony has released a new app, PlayStation Communities, intended to help PlayStation 4 gamers use their iPhones and iPads to keep in touch with each other when away from their consoles.

The different “Communities” accessible through the app are forums whereby players can find others with similar interests and preferences. Within a Community, it’s possible to join parties, start gaming with fellow Community members, or just chat about shared interests.

As John Koller, SIEA’s Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing, explains in a post on the official PlayStation blog, the app also lets you see community profiles and a list of communities you have membership of, not to mention directly join new communities. The app also recommends communities based on what games you have played.

The app also, Koller continues, features a “streamlined design” making posting text and images easier, and you can be kept up-to-date on posts and replies when you opt to receive push notifications.

The PlayStation Communities app is now freely available from the iOS App Store.

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