Sony Debuts Bizarre 80s-Style Advert for PlayStation 4 Pro

The PlayStation 4 Pro will be the world’s most powerful console upon its release on November 10 – and, in what we can only assume is a wonderful attempt at irony, Sony has shared a new 80s-style ad for it.

The opening shot will bring back warm memories for those of us who played on the original PlayStation in the 90s. However, the rest of the ad seems to turn back time a further decade, as a man with a glorious mullet samples what the super-excited voice-over man calls the “revolutionary cord-free player paddle joysticks, and super fresh graphics that are so real, they suck you right in!”

Meanwhile, the whole video is washed in desaturated color reminiscent of 80s television. Frankly, we’re not sure how much this strange commercial, posted via the official PlayStation UK Twitter account, will sway you into actually buying a PlayStation 4 Pro, a technically enhanced version of the original PS4. Still, if the ad does it for you, the Pro, priced at $399, will get its US retail release on November 10.

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