Sony Set To Release Their First OLED TVs At CES 2017

According to a Forbes article, Sony could be very nearly ready to showcase their new range of OLED TVs at this upcoming CES in January 2017.

Sony is already in the business of making OLED products with their monitors, but they have yet to step into the ring when it comes to TVs. LG currently dominates the market for OLED TVs, but Sony could be poised to take them on with their own range.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with OLED, it is a kind of display that is commonly used for smartphone screens. Each pixel on an OLED screen creates its own light, instead of relying on a back-light like your standard LCD or LED TVs.

Sony has been very tight-lipped about their stance on OLED TVs, but Forbes’ snooping has dug up some reliable information that points to Sony’s venture into OLED TVs. An article published within the South Korean industry news ETNews that reported LG and Sony working out a deal where LG could supply Sony with OLED screens before CES.

Could this spell trouble for LG? Here’s hoping we find out at CES 2017.

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