Speedemissions, Inc.’s Revolutionary Car Safety App & CARbonga & Receives Several Upgrades Including Access to 2013 Vehicle History

Speedemissions, Inc. (OTCQB: SPMI), a leading car care company providing vehicle emissions testing, safety inspections and light automotive repair operating 43 stores in the Atlanta, Houston, St. Louis and Salt Lake City markets and developer of CARbonga, the revolutionary automobile diagnostic iPhone app, today announced that it has released upgrades and enhancements to its CARbonga-SRI car safety app, which is now available at the Apple(R) App Store.

CARbonga-SRI (“Safety and Recall Information”) is the iPhone(R) and iPad(R) app that provides every car owner a quick, easy way to learn about manufacturer recalls regarding nearly every make and model car, SUV, pick-up truck or mini-van that’s for sale. Whether a vehicle is sitting on a used car lot or in a private owner’s driveway, in a matter of a few minutes, a prospective buyer will have immediate access as to whether that specific model car they are looking to purchase has been recalled because of a major safety problem.

The enhancements include:

  • Vehicle information on recalls and Technical Service Bulletins for most makes and models produced through 2013
  • An upgraded “Push Notification” feature for all manufacturer recalls and Technical Service Bulletins
  • The ability to add/delete an unlimited number of vehicles.

    The CARbonga car safety app is now available in the Apple(R) app store for $4.99.

    Another buyer advantage is that CARbonga users can even view the Technical Service Bulletin (“TSB”) history. A TSB is the manner in which the manufacturer advises the dealer there’s a potential mechanical problem from steering mechanics and air bag functionality to the power train.

    In a survey conducted among over 1,365 Speedemissions customers, nearly two-thirds of the respondents did not know such a document exists.

    Actual Example of Vehicle Recall Information Received via CARbonga app: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Speedemissions-Inc/522270047828743

    Actual Example of Technical Service Bulletin Received via CARbonga app: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Speedemissions-Inc/522270047828743

    According to an NBC News Today Show report earlier this year, of the over 40 million used cars sold, more than 2 million of those cars have a mandated safety recall problem that wasn’t repaired. In addition, many of those 40 million vehicles have a mechanical problem the dealer should have corrected, yet after being sold by its original owner, the work most likely was never completed. Cars with significant mechanical (and potentially life-threatening) problems like brakes that stop working or a steering mechanism that fails are being sold every day.

    Rich Parlontieri, President and CEO of Speedemissions, stated, “CARbonga-SRI gives a used car buyer the critical information they need to know to keep their car running safely. The SRI app now provides a detailed description of the Defect Summary, Consequence Summary, Corrective Summary and Recall Notes. It makes the buying decision one that’s based on relevant facts, not just emotion. We’re excited about these significant enhancements to CARbonga-SRI. We believe the added value of the Push Notification, which will keep car owners informed of the approximately 16.2 million vehicle recalls last year, in addition to being a critical resource to the 40+ million used car buyers, makes CARbonga-SRI an app that should be on every iPhone(R). We also are planning to make the CARbonga-SRI available on the Android(R) operating system in 2014.”

    “We’re committed to continuing to give our customers a reason to choose Speedemissions as its vehicle emission/safety inspection retailer. CARbonga-SRI, which could potentially save a life, is another component of our commitment to offer unique services, value-added programs and quality products to our clients,” added Parlontieri.

    Speedemissions, Inc./Marketwire

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