Spotify Eliminates Apple App Store Billing for Premium Subscriptions In the latest turn of events in the enduring disagreement between Spotify and Apple, the music streaming giant has opted for a significant overhaul of its billing system. After more than seven years, Spotify is ending support for Apple's in-app purchase system.


Spotify’s move affects legacy Premium subscribers who use the Apple App Store for their payments, necessitating them transitioning to different payment methods to retain their Spotify Premium subscription.

Spotify has informed the remaining Premium users who utilize Apple’s billing service about the discontinuation through an email. Once the final payment is processed, these accounts will automatically switch to Spotify’s free, ad-supported platform. Users interested in keeping their Premium subscription need to re-subscribe after their last billing cycle.

This decision stems from Spotify’s aim to offer a uniform, superior subscription experience to all its users. By stepping away from Apple’s in-app purchase system, Spotify achieves more control over its payment procedures and evades the extra fees charged by Apple.

For uninterrupted Spotify Premium access, subscribers need to:

  1. Cancel their subscription with Apple before updating payment details on Spotify’s website, to avoid potential double billing.
  2. Wait for the current billing cycle to end, after which the account will switch to Spotify’s free version.
  3. Visit Spotify’s website and log in.
  4. Navigate to the Account Overview section and select Premium, then click on Get Started.
  5. Follow the instructions to input the preferred payment details (credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, gift cards, or PayPal).
  6. Review the entered payment information and click on Buy Now to confirm the subscription.

By following these steps, users ensure a seamless transition, allowing continuous access to Spotify Premium benefits.

Furthermore, direct subscriptions through Spotify may offer potential cost savings compared to Apple’s in-app purchase system.

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