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Spotify Partners Starbucks for Music Playlists for Coffee Shop Customers

The coffee chain Starbucks may have recently decided to stop selling music CDs, but customers at its coffee shops will still have plenty of nice music to listen to while sipping their morning latte – not least thanks to a new partnership between Starbucks and the music streaming service Spotify.

The team-up will see the creation of a new “music ecosystem” where playlists, comprising of songs from the huge Spotify catalog, will be put together by baristas, other Starbucks employees and the coffee shops’ customers for the latter to enjoy. Spotify will also be integrated with the Starbucks app for iOS and Android devices to enable the customers listening to the music to pick up reward points that they can later spend at Starbucks coffee shops.

This intriguing new program will be rolled out in the US before Canada and the United Kingdom. It certainly seems an appropriately modern development in the coffee chain’s lengthy history of offering music for its customers – and, with Starbucks reportedly set to draw upon Spotify’s premium subscription, coffee drinkers will apparently not even have to put up with the regular interruptions of commercials. We at Apple Magazine can certainly drink to that.

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