Star Wars Fans Jubilant As May 4th Reached

Star Wars fans across the world are celebrating May 4th in style as the world moves closer to the release of the seventh installment of the franchise. Rumors have been circulating that characters from Star Wars are set to become part of Disney Infinity, the toys-to-life series. The rumors come after details about what is thought to be a starter set for the new game were leaked online by retailers.

Disney Infinity allows users to scan toys into video games. Previous versions have enabled players to add characters from various Marvel and Disney movies to their gaming experiences, and rumors that Star Wars is the next iconic name to be included have been rife for some time. Designer Jeff Bunker added weight to the rumors by saying “”I think we have a style that accommodates anything that comes our way.”

Details about what is expected to be Disney 3.0 were leaked by retailer Saturn and showed toys based on Anakin Skywalker and Clone Wars’ AhsokaTano. There are no firm predictions about a release date but the new version is expected to be launched to take advantage of the coming wave of Star Wars fever. Skylanders has become a leading player in the toys-to-life market, with brands including Lego and Nintendo attempting to emulate their success.

May The 4th Be With You!

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