The Star Wars Millennium Falcon is LEGO’s biggest ever set

With an eye-watering 7,500 pieces, LEGO’s Millennium Falcon knocks their previous 5, 922 brick Taj Mahal into second place meaning that it’s no small feat for a young Padawan.

Although it’s the sixth full-size Millennium Falcon to be produced it’s certainly the most expensive at £650 (approximately $850). The only model that is comparable is the 5000 piece set released back in 2007 that now fetches around £2,000 to £3,000 in resale, an impressive amount considering it’s original £350 price tag.

Given its size and complexity, it might not be a set for kids but will certainly appeal to adult collectors. The kit has special modifications including a circular or rectangular radar dish, the option to add extra units to the front mandibles and crewing it with a number of characters including Empire-casual Han, Hoth Leia, C-3PO, Chewie and a Mynock, or with old Han, Finn, Rey, BB-8 and a couple of Porgs.

On the outside the kit certainly captures the essence of the movie Falcon with exposed pipework and recesses that make it look mechanical – definitely a fantastic display piece for anyone who has room to store it…

Inside there are fun details including sofas and a holographic chess area, the iconic cockpit, an engine room and empty space to create custom areas or store your crew.

If you have to get your hands on this kit before everyone else, London’s LEGO store on Leicester Square will be opening to the public for a special event on Wednesday 13 September.

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