Strategy Classic Rome: Total War Coming to iPad This Autumn

A much-loved strategy game on Windows and Mac, Rome: Total War is heading to the iPad this autumn thanks to Feral Interactive, which has pledged “a gloriously complete experience”.

That means that iPad owners will be able to enjoy the complete, classic game, which lets players take command of one of 11 factions and, through conquest and diplomacy, build the Roman Empire. However, Feral adds that we can also expect “features designed specifically for mobile gaming.”

The company has posted a trailer of the game, which was first released for Windows in 2004. The new trailer, Feral says, shows “a development version of the game running on an iPad.” Roman battlefields have certainly been captured in wonderfully intricate detail here…

We don’t yet know a specific release date for the iPad version of Rome: Total War, which was originally developed by Sega subsidiary Creative Assembly. However, while you’re waiting, you could pick up the new AppleMagazine issue to read even more reasons to feel good about owning an iPad.

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