Study finds just 6% of US iPhone users with Apple Pay actually use it A new report has found just 6% of iPhone users in the US with Apple Pay are actually using the feature.

According to PYMNTS, only 6.% of users in the United States with Apple Pay enabled are actually using it, despite Apple Pay launching more than seven years ago and now being accepted in most retail locations.

A year after Apple Pay launched, a PYMNTS study found 5.1% of consumers were using the feature, meaning that engagement has only increased by one percentage point over the past six years. Although Apple Pay is widely adopted and used in markets like the United Kingdom, it seems the US is lagging behind.

With more contactless terminals across the United States, consumers are now spending more on Apple Pay than ever before. Although just a small proportion of users are paying with Apple Pay, transactions have risen from around $5 billion in 2015 to more than $90 billion this year, which is good news for Apple.

Adoption rates have increased too, with just 19% of merchants in the US able to accept contactless payments back in 2015, compared with 70% in 2021. More users now have access to Apple Pay, too, up from 36% to 95%.

Unlike many European markets, where contactless payments are now the norm, plastic cards are still dominant in the United States. Banks are also rolling out contactless cards, with many consumers preferring those over Apple Pay. PYMNTS suggests that Apple has struggled to encourage consumers to make the switch.

Apple runs a number of promotions and exclusive discounts in big-name retailers across the United States in an attempt to increase sales and adoption, but it seems like these have failed to make any meaningful impact. In the years ahead, we could see Apple ramp up promotion on Apple Pay to drive more engagement.

Apple makes a small kickback for each sale made on Apple Pay, so the more consumers who pay using that method, the better for Apple. Alongside Apple Card, the future is bright for Apple’s payments division.

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