Stunning iMac concept reimagines design, introduces wireless charging Would you be here for a new iMac design?

A concept for an iMac and iMac Pro redesign has given us a glimpse of Apple’s future plans for the product, introducing an all-screen design, Face ID, and wireless charging on-device.

Apple is reportedly planning to introduce new iMac models this year, though it’s expected that they will feature the same design as the previous generation.

Apple, instead, has been readying a new look for the iMac and its launch will coincide with the transition to ARM chips.

Keen to show off how Apple’s reimagined iMac could look, Daniel Bautista has shared his concepts on Behance, taking inspiration from the iPad Pro and iPhone to bring the iMac bang up to date, whilst still retaining its original iconic design.

Apple hasn’t made any changes to the chassis of the iMac since 2012, so a refreshed aesthetic is long overdue.

Alongside a more modern and streamlined design, the concept imagines a backlit wireless Magic Keyboard, as well as a new Magic Mouse, with wireless charging.

Right now, the Magic Mouse has to be charged via a Lighting cable on the bottom, rendering it useless when it’s out of charge. A new wireless charging option would be much more convenient.

Face ID is another concept included in Bautista’s design. It has already been teased that Apple is planning to introduce a TrueDepth camera from macOS Big Sur, so Face ID could be coming sooner than we think, perhaps as part of this year’s understated iMac refresh.

What are your thoughts on this design? Let us know and check back soon for more info.

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