Stunning images in latest Mac OS Beta

Mojave day
One of the new Mojave images

The eagerly awaited new Mac OS – codenamed Mojave – is getting closer and comes with several stunning new dynamic images that automatically change according to the time of day!

The latest version of its beta release began rolling out to developers and early adopters yesterday (July 30th).

Night and Day Images

This includes over 40 new wallpapers and backgrounds which some users have already been able to download in higher resolution and have posted them in a gallery

The stunning day and night visual themes are inspired by the Mojave Desert in the southwestern United States which the OS is named after.

Confirmed New OS Features

The latest beta – version 5 – will have several new tweaks and features to build on those already announced including a new system-wide ‘dark’ mode; new dynamic desktop wallpapers that change automatically depending on the time of day or night and other new static background images; the ability to create stacks to organize files on a desktop, a new Gallery view and Quick Actions in Finder; an enhanced Facetime which allows users to chat with up to 32 other users at the same time across multiple Apple devices; extra actions in Quick Look; new screen recording and screenshot features; a Continuity Camera feature which allows users to take photos on an iPhone to use later on a Mac; Apps including News; Stocks; Home and Voice Memo and a new dedicated Mac App Store.

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