Super Bowl commercial teaser hints at new voice for Amazon’s Alexa

We are just days away from the launch of Apple’s HomePod and Amazon is hinting at changes to its own smart speaker.

The Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots are set to go head to head in the much awaited Super Bowl LII, which is finally taking place on Sunday, February 4. According to, 111.3 million people tuned in to watch last year’s Super Bowl and predictions suggest even more people will tune in this year. It is not just sports lovers who are dedicated to watching the Super Bowl, but millions tune in for the halftime show and the cringy¬†but highly entertaining commercials.

Amazon has just released a teaser clip for their commercial that will be airing on Sunday night. It looks like there could be some changes coming to Amazon’s assistant.

In the 30-second clip, Alexa loses her voice and Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos frantically looks for a solution. Bezos is told the company has “replacements” ready to restore her voice, but is only met with an unreassuring nod when he asks if the fix will work.

Notice that the employee refers to “replacements”, plural. The clip ends with the date of the Super Bowl and it is very likely Amazon will be unveiling their new voices for Alexa during the game, where millions will be watching.

This clip comes just days before Apple is set to launch their HomePod, on February 9. The device is being marketing as a speaker first and an assistant second and using the voice of their own assistant, Siri. The question on everyone’s lips has been if the HomePod will be able to rival Amazon’s Echo and Google Home, but it seems Amazon are making this increasingly hard for the other tech giant.

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