Despite the fact that the game has charted both the free and the top grossing charts on the Apple app store, Super Mario Run is causing some trouble for Nintendo. The price of a full unlock for the game might be creating gains Nintendo, but the bad reviews have also caused an 11% decrease in Nintendo’s share prices.

One of the main complaints players had with the app was the price. The full unlock of the app cost players $10, which is considered very expensive for an app, especially video gaming one. Many other games available from the App Store are completely free, so it comes as quite a bold move from Nintendo to charge this much.

The game also needs to operate with a constant Internet connection, which players have found to be needless for something as simple as a Mario game. This limits players to where they can play the game.

Overall, the game has been a success for Nintendo, and because this is their first venture into the world of mobile gaming, perhaps they’ll learn from these gaming sins and make higher quality products in the future.