Survey Puts Samsung Tablets Ahead Of iPad

A customer satisfaction poll ranked tablets made by Korean electronics giant Samsung ahead of Apple’s iPad but some tech analysts are questioning the finding.
The JD Power biannual customer satisfaction poll gave Samsung tablets 835 points, while Apple tablets got a score of 833, CNN reported Saturday.

Some were baffled at the result, given Apple’s iPad scored higher than Samsung in four out of five categories, losing out in only one — cost.

“Reporters who got their hands on the attached chart were left scratching their heads. The only category that Samsung beat Apple in was (duh) cost. And cost, according to Power’s press release, counts for at most 16 percent of the total score,” wrote Philip Elmer DeWitt in the magazine Fortune.

“Did JD Power overreach in giving its top customer satisfaction nod do Samsung instead of Apple,” wrote Don Resinger at CNET, an electronics-oriented publication.

The survey results were based on 3,375 customer responses between March and August.

Apple outscored Samsung in performance, ease of operation, styling and features, CNN said.

JD Power did not respond to a request for a comment, CNN said.


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