T-Mobile Customers Dumping Blackberry Devices in Trade-In Program


After kicking off a trade-in program specifically for loyal BlackBerry users, T-Mobile said it has experienced 15 times the amount of device trade-ins that it normally receives.

But surprisingly, most of the customers are dumping their BlackBerry devices.

An internal memo sent within T-Mobile indicates that 94% of customers participating in the BlackBerry trade-in program have switched to other types of devices, according to a report by TmoNews.

Those results are notable considering what led to T-Mobile launching the trade-in campaign in the first place.

Last month, loyal BlackBerry customers as well as BlackBerry CEO John Chen blasted T-Mobile through social media and on the Web after the Seattle carrier began messaging BlackBerry customers with an offer to switch to the Apple iPhone 5s for $0 down.

The complaints caused T-Mobile to launch the current campaign, which offers $200 credit when customers trade-in their old BlackBerry and upgrade to a new device. Customers who choose a BlackBerry Q10 or Z10 get an extra $50 discount.

Despite the loud complaints, it seems there were many BlackBerry customers who were ready to leave the struggling platform, according to the TmoNews report. T-Mobile has yet to confirm the accuracy of the memo in the report, but TmoNews has a track record full of accurate reports regarding T-Mobile news

Neither T-Mobile nor BlackBerry could be reached for comment.

Los Angeles Times


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