T-Mobile Prolongs Free MLB.TV Deal for Subscribers Until 2028 T-Mobile is extending its free MLB.TV deal for subscribers while also providing wireless bandwidth for automated ball-strike calls in minor league games.

T-Mobile and Major League Baseball (MLB) have announced the renewal of their partnership, which includes the carrier continuing to offer free MLB.TV subscriptions to its subscribers through 2028. The deal has been in place for the past eight years as part of the T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion, providing subscribers with weekly discounts and freebies.

MLB.TV allows users to stream live or on-demand home and away broadcast feeds from around the league, although it is subject to regional blackouts. This season, for the first time, the service will also enable streaming of minor-league games for the major-league team’s affiliates in the MLB app.

In collaboration with the minor leagues, T-Mobile and MLB are partnering to develop an automated ball-strike (ABS) system. This system will enable Minor League Baseball (MiLB) players and officials to review, challenge, and analyze calls. T-Mobile will power the ABS system with a “5G Private Mobile Network” during select minor-league games this season. MLB has been testing robot umpires in the independent Atlantic League since 2019, with plans to introduce the ABS system to the major leagues by 2024.

T-Mobile’s baseball partnership will also encompass a little-league sponsorship, including donating millions of dollars towards equipment and grants for young players. The carrier will continue to sponsor the All-Star Week Home Run Derby and batting practice broadcast.

T-Mobile aims to expand its 5G coverage in baseball stadiums across North America, intending to create immersive 5G-connected experiences for fans and improve in-stadium speeds and reception for subscribers.

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