T-Mobile Unveils 4G LTE CellSpot for Personalized Coverage

T-Mobile has unveiled its new 4G LTE CellSpot, a mini-tower said to provide about 3,000 square feet of full-bar cellular coverage wherever the user needs it.

The device is just 8.5″ wide and tall, and a promising solution for users of cellular iPhones and iPads who frequent places where WiFi networks and 3G or 4G coverage are not strong or readily available. T-Mobile claims that all of its LTE network services, including VoLTE, HD voice, advanced messaging and video calling, are offered through this CellSpot.

The CellSpot is also free to Simple Choice postpaid customers who are with T-Mobile. The company’s president and CEO, John Legere, has described the product as “a huge feat of engineering”, adding: “We’ll do absolutely everything we can and use every proven technology available to give you the best coverage possible.”

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