Taika Waititi’s ‘Star Wars’ movie has a story!

Taika Waititi confirmed to direct and co-write 'Star Wars' movie

Since Disney’s acquisition of LucasFilms, the Star Wars franchise has not only moved on from George Lucas’ original idea but has also expanded the whole universe in ways never before seen in the franchise’s history. With the Skywalker saga now complete, many fans wondered how the franchise would evolve further. And while the Skywalker saga-focused television shows – like the hit series The Mandalorian – were never an issue, people asked themselves what would become of the movies that actually made the franchise so popular.

Not long ago, Disney actually confirmed that it had intentions of making further movies, but these movies would be set either before or after the Skywalker saga, ultimately moving away from Lucas’ original concept and exploring other stories from the Galaxy Far Far Away.

One of such projects, confirmed to be in development by Disney, is a feature film directed and written by Taika Waititi. Waititi is best known for his work on Thor: Ragnarok and the Oscar-winning Jojo Rabbit, but is currently a highly sought-after name in Hollywood. Taika Waititi is currently working on the story for his movie – which currently has no release date – and it seems that a rough sketch is done.

Taika Waititi teases his Star Wars film saying it “feels very me”

In an interview for Wired UK, Waititi said that the story, “it’s still in the ‘EXT. SPACE’ stage.” This was, of course, a joke, but Waititi continued to say: “But we’ve got a story. I’m really excited by it because it feels very me.” He continued, “I tend to go down that little sincerity alleyway in my films. I like to fool the viewer into thinking ‘ha it’s this’ and then them going, ‘Damn it, you made me feel something!’”

As you can see, the first major step for this movie has been made and we’re truly excited for more news about this movie and the whole Star Wars franchise.