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Taiwan to Get its First Apple Store, Likely in September

Apple is about to open its first Apple Store on the East Asia island of Taiwan. The company confirmed the news to Reuters – having, on its website, listed vacancies for jobs at the outlet.

The California-based company provided no further details of its plans to Reuters; however, the online listings show that Apple is seeking many of the typical posts of an Apple Store, including Genius, Expert, Manager, Store Leader and Business Leader positions.

September 2016 is listed as the start date for some of the posts, including – crucially – Store Leader. While this does seem like a probable opening month for the store, it is less clear where exactly in Taiwan it would be located. 9to5Mac claims that the capital, Taipei, is the expected location.

Taipei certainly seems a sufficiently large location to accommodate and support an Apple Store, its current population numbering 2.7 million people.

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