“Tap to Pay” recorded in use at Apple Park Visitor Center

Tap to Pay on iPhone

As we previously reported here at AppleMagazine, Apple announced a feature called “Tap to Pay on iPhone” in February 2022. The highly anticipated tech allows one iPhone user to send money to another, without the need for additional equipment – and now, it has been filmed in action.

More specifically, a video was posted on Twitter, indicating that the feature is now being trialed at the Apple Park Visitor Center in Cupertino, California.

We’re not sure when exactly the Visitor Center started supporting the feature, but the tweeted video – embedded below – shows an Apple Store employee using her iPhone to accept a customer payment.

Interestingly, the video would seem to demonstrate the feature really does live up to the hype, with both the retail worker and the customer using regular iPhones – there is no extra payment terminal visible in the footage.

Neither device screen seems to show any indication of what is actually being purchased. However, we do see the payment amount – $56.75 – displayed on the employee’s iPhone, while the buyer’s device shows a screen that looks much like that for any contactless transaction using Apple Pay.

At the time of its announcement of Tap to Pay, Apple said that the feature would be rolled out later during 2022, although there was no indication of whether and when it might become available outside the United States.

A broader launch beyond US Apple Store locations and to the wider world is surely just around the corner, and we can’t wait to see it.

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