Tech Innovation: How Apple will surprise its fans in the near future Apple fans are looking forward to its new products and updates every year. Sometimes it seems that there are too many updates and we can’t keep track of them.

iPhone 12 Pro camera set
iPhone 12 Pro camera set

iPhone 13 coming

This summer, Microsoft customers got shocked because of a new version of their favorite OS — Windows 11. But among the announcement of ‘updated Windows 10,’ one of the most issues that are under discussion this summer is the iPhone 13 coming.

Let’s see why customers are jazzed about the new gadget and what they think about this product.

Updated camera

One of the crucial things about a good phone is the camera. Customers pay attention to it because they want to take incredible photos and publish them on Instagram. Of course, sometimes people ‘do it for the gram,’ but if they want to show their point of view via photos, Apple helps them express themselves by updating the camera with each iPhone release.

In iPhone 13, there are thicker camera bumps than in iPhone 12. Also, developers increased camera bumps by around 1mm. The good news is that if you’re a fan of Pro versions, you’ll get the camera bumps increased by around 2mm if you buy iPhone 13 Pro.

Likewise, developers think about implementing a function of reducing the effects of camera shake. Now, only iPhone 12 Pro Max has its function, whilst it’s possible that all iPhone 13 lineup will have it.

Wallet app new feature

Now all US users can add their state ID cards or driver’s licenses to their Wallet App. Thanks to this feature, there’s no need to have a paper version of your documents because they’re always at hand. All you need is to have your charging iPhone.

Such a feature rules out the case when you’ve lost your state ID card and can’t prove your identity or age.

Slightly thicker design

Some Apple fans fear buying the iPhone 13 because of its slightly thicker design. It was pretty beautiful in the iPhone 12 Mini, but customers don’t think that such an update will look incredible and even useful in the new mobile phone version. As a result, Apple fans aren’t looking forward to the iPhone 13 Mini too much. This is because users don’t know if it will be comfortable to keep a phone in hand and order a cab, chat with friends, make new posts on Facebook and Instagram, or find essay writing help.

Number 13

Although we live in the age of high technology, some people get panicked or a little nervous when they hear about the number 13. For example, they call off important meetings or haircuts. They believe that the thing with number 13 will definitely be a failure. The same story is with iPhone 13: as SellCell says, such a gadget didn’t even come out, but 20% of Apple users mark it as a failed product in advance.

Apple Watch updating

Apple Watch Series 6

Apart from developing new mobile phone models, Apple thinks about other products it makes to help their customers make their life easier. For instance, developers said about Apple Watch updating thanks to which users can lock, unlock and start their cars. The Car Key feature is already available, so you can test it.

Xcode Cloud Beta

Apple developers moved some users to Xcode 13. Now, they can test new Mac OS features earlier than they will appear on iMac. This is convenient for MacBook users because they avoid updates release and thy them in advance. Therefore, they can decide if their features are useful or just a waste of time and tell their thoughts to other users.

macOS Monterey

MacBook Pro | MacOS Monterey

And the last news that forced Apple fans to get shocked is Mac OS’s new version — macOS Monterey. This update is smaller than macOS Big Sur, but the quality of features is superior to their quantity.


This update is the best bet for you if you like to watch films and videos with your friends but we’re apart from each other. The essence of SharePlay is that you can call your buddies and watch videos with them together because of the shared screen.

The good news is that watching films isn’t the only activity you can do with your friends. You can also play video games and even show presentations to your colleagues.

Shared with you

You may like this function if you’re interested in what your friends share with other users. The ‘Shared With You’ section contains all material that your buddies share. For example, if they reposted the website link or the video from YouTube, you see it in the ‘Shared With You’ section.

Shortcuts app

The Shortcuts App was available only on iPhone and iPad, but now you can enjoy it on your Mac. You can create new shortcuts, edit and delete them. Also, you can synchronize shortcut changes on iMac with your iPhone. Therefore, you’ll see the same ones on your mobile phone as on your MacBook.

As you see, Apple prepares for us a true technological revolution. The more updates come, the more possibilities we have to make our life easier.

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